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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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Video marketing: show off your hotel

Achieve greater conversion rates with a professional, quality video!

Why invest in video marketing?

1. Improve your reach and message retention. Viewers recall video content with 50% more accuracy, while written content is remembered only 22% (Wharton Business)

2. Increase confidence during the purchasing process. 85% of polled consumers were more determined to buy a product if they had seen a video about it beforehand (Internet Retailer)

3. Improve traffic and business strategy. 66% of consumers dedicate more than one hour per week watching videos on their mobile devices (Business2community)

Our solutions:

  • Creation and editing of professional, quality videos for your accommodation.
  • Command of audiovisual language in all its variations (corporate videos, interviews, reports, videos with screenplays and micro videos (focused on one specific aspect of the hotel).
  • Audiovisual solutions to promote and transmit the essence and values of your hotel’s brand.
  • Custom videos to broadcast the prospective guest’s experience.