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Tradyso begins a partnership with Rate Tiger for automatic channels management

tradyso parters with rate tiger

Idiso begins a partnership with Rate Tiger for automatic channels management.

Idiso, Spanish firm specialized in Hotel distribution, associated with Rate Tiger, online hotel distribution software providing company, in order to give to the clients of Idiso two-direction access to hundreds of sales channels in a global way.

This new integration will help the over 1.000 hotelier clients of Idiso to integrate their online distribution throufh Tradyso’s CRS. The updates can easily be processed through a unique contact point, Idiso’s CRS instead of having to manage them through several extranets manually.

Besides, and thanks to the bidirectional nature of this interface, all the reservations generated by the over 500 channels connected will centrally be reported to Idiso.
This allows doing detailed income analysis and gives the information to know through which channel the reservations are arriving.
This new technology developed by rate Tiger is unique: the combination of rates and availability without restriction of updates, together with the production of raports for all the connected channels, make this a very valuable solution.

One the integration is completed, the hoteliers will have a 360 degrees view over benchmarking, the online distribution and the generation of income through one only platform.

“ Our intebration with RTConnect (Rate Tiger) helped us to improve our services for hoteliers” affirms Javier Silvestre, General Director of Idiso. “This puts us far in front of our competitors, as our clients will be able to access a wider database of clients without having to deal with multiple travel channels independently. Rate Tiger technology ensures an uninterrupted data flux, and provides efficiency and a total control while reducing the everyday tasks incredibly.

“ As internet business increase, hotels need to simplify the accesses to travel portals”, says Ragnar Sterath, VP Product Development of eRevMax (RateTiger). “In the actual market, manual updates have become impossible to manage, as rates keep fluctuating constantly. Our technology will help Idiso’s customers to be flexible and fast.”

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