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Tradyso obtains Google Certification

tradyso google certification

Idiso obtains Google Certification

The Adwords campaigns are known as pay per clic. Adwords is the name Google gives to the advertisements that appear on the top right-hand section, of the search results. It’s a very efficient advertisement system, one only pays when the user is interested in your advertisement and clics it, that is when the user visits your website.

Google Analytics allows to analyze the number of visits that you receive in your website, besides allowing you to know where the visits come from, what keywords led them to your site, the time they spent in your site, their interest, etc. It’s a very useful tool when you try to take maximum advantage of the online marketing of your website.

Idiso got Google’s acknowledgement, through the obtained certifications, to lead advertisement campaigns. Besides, through the individual certifications of each member of the staff (see certification), showing their formation and experience necessaries for the analysis and optimization with Google Analytics of the results of the marketing campnaigns.

Contact Center Awards:

  • CRC Oro 2008
  • CRC Oro 2009
  • CRC Oro 2010
  • CRC 2011 Prize
  • W3 Silver Winner Award
  • E-commerce platform secured | Verysign Secured


  • Q of Quality in Tourism Award
  • Web Segura by VerySign
  • E-commerce platform secured
  • Directorio de Empresas de Turismo
  • SEO certification