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Premium SEO - SEO consulting for hotels

Hiring Premium SEO includes the following services:

Previous study positioning

Previous study of the current web positioning in the event that it exists. Redirect 301 in the server so as not to lose positions already achieved, and Redirect with and without the www and other domains.

Technical preparation

The positioning actions are useless if the pages are not ready for the “spiders” of the search engines in such a way that they can track the content to evaluate it easily and position it. Tradyso will do a reengineering of the websites for that.

Basic on the page SEO strategy implementation

Keywords selection, Friendly URL generation, Metatags optimization (titles, metakeywords and metadescriptions) and alternative etiquettes of the images including the keywords and Contents optimization for the contracted Keywords.

Generation of a sitemap file for Google spiders

Generating a sitemap.xml file for Google for a faster indexation in searchers of your website.

Deep optimization of contents and titles.

If the pages are accessible for the searchers, it is the content that indicates what keywords we want to position our hotel for. That’s why we’ll analyze the built and the structure of the contents to communicate at the same time that we highlight th

Previous position analysis

Analysis of the previous ranks of the actual website, in case it exists. Redirect 301 in the server to not lose the already acquired ranks, and redirect with “www” and without and other domains.

Internal linking optimization

Optimizing the internal links between the pages to enhance the deepest content, taking into account the proper navigation through the website and the structure of the page content.

Monthly Detailed Report

Monthly detailed reports of website performance, including visits per traffic origin, bouncing percentage, the number of bookings obtained per origin and campaign, conversion ratio and other indicators. Monthly ranking reports.