Quality Policy

From the Direction of Idiso, we are aware of the commitment we have with our customers, we have the resources to ensure that products and services offered, comply strictly with all specifications, standards, plans and applicable codes and meet the expectations and needs of who request them.

To do this we have in our organization a Quality Management System based on the UNE 189001:06 aimed at achieving the following objectives:

Ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Company, keeping records of the compliance documentation.

Encourage the management their involvement in the entire Quality Management System.

To train, motivate and involve all staff in developing the Quality Management System implemented.

Identify the processes needed for the Quality Management System. Determine their sequence and interaction, criteria and methods, resources and information to ensure that their performance and control are effective.

Establish actions and programmes aimed at improving processes, not just deviation detections.

Maintaining permanent contact with customers, working together to improve the final result and evaluating their level of satisfaction.

Understand current and future customer needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed your expectations

Ensure a high involvement of Quality management, making the most of all the staff capabilities.

Reach a mutually beneficial relationship with your suppliers to increase the capacity of both to create value

This Quality Policy will be maintained, regularly reviewed and communicated to all employees and will be at the disposal of the Customer.

The Quality Manual is the document where Quality Management System philosophy and guidelines are established, these develop in different procedures and processes.

The Quality Management and the Company Committee establish annual goals according to the Quality Policy, the results of the previous year and its commitment to continuous improvement.

In Idiso we have been the 1st tourist company

the Tourist Quality Q badge.

It is the responsibility of all the Idiso organization, and primarily of persons responsible for carrying out activities under the Quality Management System, the compulsory compliance of the established in this System.

The Directors of Idiso delegate to the Directors of Quality, Processes and Estrategic Plan, the implementation and verification of compliance with the Quality Management System, for which, it has the necessary authority and independence in the organization of the Company. The Directors will put at your disposal the needed resources to achieve the set objectives.

Signed: General director of Idiso.