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"Q" Award at FITUR


q award fitur

Idiso receives Q Award at FITUR

The reception of these awards took place at FITUR this past January 20th and was presided by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the President of the Instituto para la Calidad Turística (ICTE – Institute for Quality Tourism).

The ICTE granted the “2011 Q Awards” to Idiso, the Government of Galicia and the City of Madrid.

These awards are conceded annually and are intended to reward the commitment to quality for the two institutions and the one company that receive the awards.

The ICTE Board, in its latest meeting, granted the “Q” for Quality Tourism Award to our company, Idiso, in acknowledgement for our work as the only Spanish company offering hotel distribution service that has obtained the “Q” for Quality.

The “Q” for Quality Tourism Awards is an annual recognition granted by the ICTE Board to both institutions as well private companies that strengthen their management to achieve quality in tourism.

The award ceremony for tourism companies at FITUR was presided by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, and attended by more than 500 people, among them Directors and Managing Directors, Mayors, City Counsels, businessmen and media, among others.

At the ceremony, Javier Silvestre, Idiso’s General Manager, accepted the “Q” Award and Carlos Domínguez, Idiso’s Quality Director, accepted the certificate.

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