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Princess Hotels distributes its reservations 360º with Idiso and Innwise


Princess Hotels distributes its reservations 360º with Idiso and Innwise

Princess Hotels & Resorts has relied on Idiso designed technology  and specialized Innwise services to enhance its 360º Distribution, relying on Idiso Booking Engine, Call Centre services and the integration of their PMS with Idiso CRS, as well as Web Design services and Innwise Direct Channel.

An important hotel chain must have a business card to match its excellence, this is why Princess Hotels & Resorts has relied on a very panoramic, visual web design, responding to usability standards and intuitive navigation. This is  Responsive Design, a state-of-art development, adaptable to all screens in format and content. The website integrates Idiso Booking Engine, multilingual, in over 25 languages, and multi screens, focused on improving the users' experience to convert visitors into reservations.

Following the 360º Distribution, and focusing on customer satisfaction, the Idiso Contact Centre service has been added, featuring two private international lines to provide Princess Hotels & Resorts customers a personalized service 24 hours / 365 days, with a specialized team in the hotel product.

The circle closes with the Innwise Direct Channel management contract, in which the best strategy and management will be planned, from potential customer attraction with marketing techniques for the relationship and customer loyalty after sales conversion.

Finally, the alliance milestone also lies in the speed, as the launch has been carried out in record time with great satisfaction from both parties and they have seen how their alliance has been an announced success:

"It is not enough to compete through a single channel, or several, without an overall strategic coherence. With Idiso and Innwise, Princess Hotels & Resorts offers the most advanced hotel technology and the best qualified team. We have to go one step ahead and revolutionize the hotel industry. Princess Hotels & Resorts relies on us with our new concept of 360º Distribution and we wish them great success in bookings and brand awareness" Javier Silvestre, Idiso General Director.

Contact Center Awards:

  • Best contact center idiso
  • Idiso CRC Best Contact Center Fast
  • Webaward 2013
  • CRC Oro 2008
  • CRC Oro 2009
  • CRC Oro 2010
  • CRC 2011 Prize
  • W3 Silver Winner Award


  • Idiso Payment Card Industry Security Standards
  • Q of Quality in Tourism Award
  • Web Segura by VerySign
  • E-commerce platform secured
  • Directorio de Empresas de Turismo
  • SEO certification