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Organic SEO Marketing for hotels

Basic SEO - Organic SEO Marketing for hotels

When you contract Basic SEO you’re contracting the following services:

Keyword selection

Select between 10 and 20 keywords in which your hotel website needs to be positioned, establishing objectives according to the real searches and online competence.

Technical preparation of the website

Positioning actions are useless if the pages are not prepared for the internet spiders from the main search engines can track down the content of the pages to evaluate them and position them. Tradyso will do a reengineering for an optimum positioning

Implementing basic SEO strategy on the page

Basic “on the page” SEO strategy implementation
  • Keywords selection
  • Friendly URL generation
  • Metatags optimization
  • Contents optimization for the contracted Keywords
  • Contents load in our Hotel Web Manager

Generation of a sitemap file for Google spiders

Generating a sitemap.xml file for Google for a faster indexation in searchers of your website.