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Opening Call Center in Russia


opening call center rusia

Idiso launches Call Center in Russia

Russia is an emerging market that offers new tourism opportunities, in both the short and mid-term, to destinations such as Spain. This is why the hotel distribution company Idiso has seized this business opportunity and opened a Call Center in San Petersburg.

Idiso offers its clients the exclusive opportunity to include their properties in the hotel portfolio that will be distributed through a local phone number, with rooms being sold to both the public and to Russian travel agencies interested in booking lodging in Spain.  In addition, hotel chains have the possibility of contracting a private line, if they so desire.

This past March, Idiso was in attendance at the Moscow MITT trade show to initiate its promotional campaign with local travel agents and to present this new sales channel which will allow Spanish hotels to increase their visibility and revenue in this region, which each and every day is becoming more significant.  In addition, Idiso is organizing the possibility for interested clients to conduct a road show through the most important Russian cities.

In short, Russia has turned on a great business opportunity. The daily papers are filled with news referring to the importance of the Russian market. According to the daily paper Nexotur, Spain has become one of the top destinations for Russians.

At the same time, the latest report from Exceltur – Touristic Perspective 2012 says that the number of Russian tourists  has increased  57,9% in overnight hotel stays in 2011 as compared with 2010, driven by a favorable economic climate and the improvement in the process of issuing tourist visas.

On the other hand,, the online daily for Professionals in Tourism, forecasts that visits to Spain by Russian tourists could rise by 35% making Russia, without a doubt, an emerging market that offers the greatest opportunities for growth in our country.

And finally, confirmed this week the importance of Russian tourism based on its high purchasing power (almost 50% above the average of the major feeder markets) .

Please ask us for additional information  to contract this new sales channel that will allow your hotel to increase your presence , visibility and revenues from the Russian market:

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