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Anual SEO and Link Building

The work of search engine optimization SEO SEO Basic and Premium described above are performed in parallel with the site development and finalize when the site is online.

However, the work of SEO is something that extends over time and that requires a continuous optimization. The average estimated period to see the first results is about three months, but action on the page and off the page must continue to be taken on an ongoing basis so that these results are maintained and evolve.

Idiso offers, for the following months of the launch, SEO services, Search Engine Optimizer, this means, a dedicated in-house consultant to implement actions to improve the natural positioning of the following:

Link Building et diffusion de communiqués de presse (off the page)

Générer des liens de qualité vers le site web en s’inscrivant sur une sélection de répertoires liés au secteur tourisme et diffusion de communiqués de presse rédigés expressément et optimisés par SEO.

Optimisation constante de contenu (on the page)

Along with keyword selection, optimization is the most important. From the analysis of reports (web analytics) keyword re-optimization is performed, metatags, content modification and restructuring of internal and external links.