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New Website of Gremi d’Hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme

tradyso Gremi d’Hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme

New Website of Gremi d’Hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme

The company of sales services and hotel distribution Idiso, has signed an agreement to design the new website for Gremi d’Hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme, incorporating their powerful booking engine.

This agreement is the first cooperation between Idiso with an hotelier association, allowing over 80 hotels that belong to this association not only to sell online through the new website, but also to have access to the whole range of sales services of Idiso, in internet, GDS, IDS and other sales channels both online and offline

According to Business Development director, David Wright, “like in all hotel associations , Gremi d’hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme is integrated by very different hotels, from 2 to 4 stars, little hotels and big resorts. Each Hotel is a whole different thing, with its particular needs and objectives. We are very proud that, after having made a serious analysis of all the alternatives, the Gremi has considered that our services are the best suited to fulfill those needs, so different, and to offer custom-made solutions to help them optimize their online and offline selling, in spite of the size nature or emplacement of the hotel. “

For the Manager of Gremi d’Hotels de Costa de Barcelona-Maresme, Marta Lanzas, “the creation of this new website answers our need to increase the online selling options of our associated hotels, and, at the same time, modernize the image of the Gremi. In these difficult times the tourism sector is facing, the Gremi has decided to find solutions to open new channels and markets for our hotels, giving them an easy access to a technology that simplifies their massive distribution in the online world. Many of the members of the Gremi are little hotels that, by themselves, could not reach many of the online channels to which we are going to have access thanks to Idiso”.

This agreement, she adds, “will make a difference in the day-to-day of our association. It makes, so to say, the beginning of a new stage of opening to the technological world, something that in the actual context of competitiveness and the emerging of new destinations is becoming crucial.

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