ITB Berlin News interview with Luis del Olmo, Idiso Chairman

ITB Berlin News interview with Luis del Olmo, Idiso Chairman

In an interview with ITB Berlin News at the recent event, Idiso´s Chairman, Luis del Olmo, analyzes Idiso´s current strategic plan and explains our key differentiators as global hotel sales partner.

Please tell me a little more about Idiso´s current strategic plan, the change to your “raison d´être”, and how that´s progressing

Advanced hospitality technology companies. We currently work with over 3,000 hotels and last year processed over $1.6 Billion of Rooms Revenue for those clients. Not content with that however and with providing a strong and robust and highly performing technological platform, we have recently taken a fundamental and qualitative further step forward. Our new strategy is based on our going beyond pure technology and to focus on providing further real value to our clients, by deeply involving ourselves in their specific needs to provide them with better financial results. This new strategy also involved us a conducting a complete 360º review of our suite of products and services in order to ensure we deliver a complete range of the technology and tools a hotel needs to compete in today´s highly competitive and fast changing environment. At the heart of this approach is our belief that hotels whilst wanting to adapt a best in class approach to technology providers and tools would prefer to avoid the technological, commercial and financial risk that comes with trying to connect a host of different tools. This commitment is encapsulated in our new mission statement – Your Global Hotel Sales Partner. In order to better convey this new approach we have repositioned our brand to represent a philosophical change reflecting our new services and personalized approach, a true reflection of our mission and values. By incorporating the ampersand figure (“&”) within our logo we want to symbolize the union and commitment to our clients, our partners, and among the team of professionals that make up Idiso.

You recently launched two new technical lines – Idiso Revenue and Idiso Insights. Please tell us more about these products…

We did indeed. In fact both products came out of our 360º review where clients were telling us that they wanted connected tools to help them better analyze and optimize their business, but did not want the complexity of buying in and interfacing with yet more tech providers. Firstly, Idiso Revenue Management System (iRMS) is a tool we have just conducted a large scale pilot exercise of, to assist our hotels to predict demand and provide precise recommendations to maximize occupancy, revenues and profits . Judging by the results generated in these beta tests it is proving to be highly innovative and competitive. Secondly, Idiso Insights  acts as a Analytics Tool or Dashboard that allows our hoteliers to assemble all available data/business statistics available in their hotels in order to provide them with all the analytics necessary to help you make the most accurate decisions. Is a system that offers multiple algorithms that allowing the creation of an ample series of tailor made analysis and reports.

What are your key goals at ITB Berlin 2017?

ITB is the world´s most important travel and tourism fair and it is essential therefor for us to be present once again supporting our International growth strategy. Currently we are market leaders in the Spanish speaking world and our aim is to extend this leadership in other markets. We will display our latest innovations in hotel distribution solutions and also share our new brand positioning and the philosophy behind the change. Whilst here, are keen to continue our dialogue with our existing customers and to show them our new innovations. And at the same time begin new conversations with potential new customers. We are expecting to have a very busy few days in Berlin!

What would you say are your key differentiators as a supplier? Why should a hotel group work with you?

I think this can be best summed up in four words : Innovation : Experience : Expertise and Understanding. Whilst many companies in our sector can claim one of more of these attributes very few can demonstrate all four so clearly as Idiso can. Our company’s essence lies in our deep knowledge of the needs of our customers, our hotels. At Idiso we are an international reference point for hotel distribution solutions thanks to the know-how and experience of more than 20 years in the hotel industry of our consultants and our international team of 450 professionals. All of who are highly qualified in innovating and developing technology that supports the digital and online business strategies of business and resort hotels.