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Interview Sara de Urrutia, Director Business Development Europe and Africa de Idiso


Interview Sara de Urrutia, Director Business Development EMEA de Idiso

"Leadership and profitability involves betting on global markets and overcomming the domestic environment"

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Sara Urrutia, Business Development Europe and Africa Ditector of Idiso, explains in this video interview the current situation of the Europe, Middle East and Africa tourism sector in general and the hotel sector, specifically. "Closer markets are no longer profitable, now, the world should be our natural environment. We need to integrate globally."

The EMEA region presents some huge differences between zones. In general, there are not many problems with the demand but more there is more challenges with the profitability and drop on average prices that hoteliers have experienced together with the high dependence on OTAs and IDSs.

If we think of the main lines of change in the hotel business we should emphasize mainly three:

  • Globalization: Global thinking vs. more traditional pre-globalization vision. Achieving maximum worldwide exposure for greater and better performance of our channel mix (reach distant markets).
  • Fragmentation and Heterogeneity. Markets with very disparate and heterogeneous needs but same CHALLENGES and common problems could be summarized as mentioned at the beginning.
  • Great Competition. High level of international chains with great power of attraction due to their brand image and internal marketing and distribution capabilities.
The independent hotels and small and medium-sized chains have to use tools to survive in a competitive environment. To compete we need to focus on better quality of distribution tools and the best technology provider.

The distribution momentum

To boost hotel distribution in EMEA will need:

  • THINK GLOBAL although you act local. The more profitable markets are not only domestic but there is also a huge world of new opportunities on new international emerging markets.
  • INTEGRATE all your products in one place of purchase. This will provide a coherent picture of the hotel product and will not only differentiate, but also will help hotelier in monitoring and controlling what they want to sell at what price, when and where, thus enabling them to react to sudden changes in the market. A fast and flexible tool will allows us to make the best decisions.
  • CONCENTRATE and bet on the future huge possibilities of the hotel's direct channel. Internet and the massive use of technology have changed all the rules known until now. The customer is in the centre of the purchasing process and he becomes a reference for new potential guests.
Within this complex background, hoteliers should seek partners who accompany them in the process of learning and improving in this changing industry. They should look for technology providers that will make their life as easy as possible in terms of distribution so that they can concentrate on what is their real core business.

Idiso OFFER. Our USP

Idiso provides hoteliers with cutting-edge tools to meet all those needs of the new distribution landscape in an effective, quick and easy way:
  • Connections to globalize your business.
  • Distribution capabilities to improve and optimize hotel revenues.
  • Skilled professionals with a wide knowledge of hotel international markets and distribution technology. A technological experience with deep roots on hotelier know-how.
Idiso is a global and not only local solution to allow hoteliers improve the static and reduced position of looking at business from a local point of view.


We are currently in an expansion process in which we try to accommodate the specific needs of each market with a strategic vision of closeness to the customer. With this aim in mind, we have developed partnerships that can offer this added value of proximity and market knowledge.

Morocco has been one of the countries best understood Idiso competitive advantages and two of the largest chains in the country, ATLAS Hospitality and Zalagh hotels, just relied on us. We are currently developing new representations in different countries of the Europe and Africa region. Middle East, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Austria and the Balkans are markets in which we want to work on that strategy of proximity and closeness to the customer.

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