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Hotel Online Reputation Management: Interview with Gaston Richter, Innwise Business Development Director



Hotel Online Reputation Management: Interview with Gaston Richter, Innwise Business Development Director

"Currently customer satisfaction is the second most important point after the price"

With nearly 20 years of experience in tourism, hotels and travel industry, half of them related, nationally and internationally,to project management and ecommerce, Gaston Richter Innwise Business Development Director - Marketing & Distribution Services, has extensive knowledge of people and organizations as well as the challenges and opportunities for the hotel industry. Talking to him about these points, we will discover the keys to a comprehensive Hotel Online Reputation Management. 

What importance has ORM reached generally in the hotel industry and specifically in Spain?

The online reputation management has increased in importance the same as the impact of Internet which has now become one of the main communication platforms, in private and public use. Today the vast majority of consumers have the power and technological means to post their opinion on any topic that interests them or about any experience they have had and want to share. The management of Internet transparency offered to us must be understood and especially all the websites and social networks that finally influence users' opinions and decisions to purchase.

What is the relationship between the CRM and ORM?

Both steps are intrinsically related. The purpose of CRM is to optimize the knowledge we have of your customers, their preferences, needs and consume habits in order to achieve a stable and lasting relationship. The online reputation management CRM extends the spectrum, covering media and public forums and amplifies the scope of supplier-consumer communications and consumer-consumer.

What influence has the reputation online booking process?

The establishment reputation is critical in the purchasing processes. The consumer no longer only compares prices, location, facilities and services included in the booking. Consumers are increasingly interested in getting feedback from other customers who have already been to the hotel and what experiences they have had there. It is logical. Why would someone book a hotel whose clients repeatedly talk about problems or deficiencies? Currently it is considered that the level of satisfaction or quality of a hotel is the second most important point after the price. On the other hand, it is important to note that the vast majority of comments posted on tourist sites are clearly positive. These comments favor the hotel and that new customers will finally opt for this product.

What is ORM management?

The ORM management basically detects and collects all comments and reviews that are published on Internet in order to analyze opinions, needs and market trends. A lot of this information serves to uncover operating inefficiencies and implement service improvements. The process is completed through hotel and consumer interaction, which usually takes place in public forums. The objective of this interaction is to generate confidence towards the brand and facilitate customer loyalty.

What services does Innwise offer the hotel?

InnWise offers a comprehensive collection of information on Internet regarding certain hotels and their direct competitors, a qualitative analysis, management and association of information and the report results and recommendations for action. InnWise also offers a hotel alert service warning, within 24 hours, which sites have posted negative comments about the establishment. The hotel also has the option to implement electronic service satisfaction surveys directed to the guests. These surveys complement the opinions recorded in public sites, giving the hotelier a complete image and a comprehensive perception the market has of their product.

What are the results?

For the hotel the results are noticeable from day one: having the support of a professional team specializing in managing the product reputation in online channels. The hotel does not have to worry about searching, selecting or hiring a qualified professional to take care of this area nor about buying or hiring tool licenses or monitoring software as InnWise includes all of this in its comprehensive online reputation management service. The hotel will not have any additional costs inherent in any learning period, simply because they have been completely eliminated.

The interaction between Innwise and the hotelier is continuous during all phases of the project, helping the hotel to access knowledge,work methods and optimal practices in the hotel industry that otherwise would not be available.

Finally, several studies linking average price increase to hotel reputation improvement, and more specifically with the improvement of the hotel satisfaction or quality indicator. Ultimately, when an employer makes an investment of any kind,it is also expected that this reflects positively on their profit and loss account. More information at:

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