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Innwise receives the WebAwards prize for their Abba Hotels website design


Innwise receives the WebAwards prize for their Abba Hotels website design

Innwise receives the WebAwards for web design

This year Innwise has been awarded with the WebAwards International prize of Hotel and Lodging Standard of Excellence for their design of the Abba Hotels website:

The design, innovation, technology content and usability were all taken into account to assess this prize award. Regarding the design, the jury valued the easy, simultaneous access to the booking engine and website navegation:

"I like the navigation and the fact that there is immediate menu access to make a hotel reservation" explained the WebAwards jury.

Innwise characterizes the web design to meet usability standards, orientated to optimize search engines, with the ultimate objective of converting lookers into bookers. Thanks to its hotel know-how the web design adapts to the hotel characteristics and needs, enabling the product to be completely personalized.

The WebAward jury consists of an independent team of Internet professionals representing various website development disciplines. Judges included members of the media, advertising executives, web designers, business marketing executives, content providers, and Webmasters. The Web Marketing Association is an independent organization founded to evaluate and appreciate worldwide web excellence.

Contact Center Awards:

  • Webaward 2013
  • CRC Oro 2008
  • CRC Oro 2009
  • CRC Oro 2010
  • CRC 2011 Prize
  • W3 Silver Winner Award
  • Idiso CRC Best Contact Center Fast
  • Best contact center idiso


  • Idiso Payment Card Industry Security Standards
  • Q of Quality in Tourism Award
  • Web Segura by VerySign
  • E-commerce platform secured
  • Directorio de Empresas de Turismo
  • SEO certification