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Who we are

Who we are

We are a company born from the experience of expert hoteliers to connect the world of hotels. With extensive industry knowledge and a global team of highly qualified professionals, we have built a distribution platform based on the most advanced technology for hotels to have their doors open in every corner of the planet.

We are Worldwide, directed around the world to the hotel industry, urban and resort offering distribution solutions on-demand for large, medium and small hotel chains and independent hotels.


We work every day based on a mission, vision and defined values:


"The Global Hotel Sales Partner"


"Become the global hotel distribution leader by sharing our experience and resources with customers to optimize their distribution capacities and control in order to boost revenue and profits, with special emphasis on resort hotels"


1. INTEGRITY: The entire team is committed to  work in a forthright, honest, rigorous and comprehensive manner.

2. INNOVATION: Constant improvement on all levels to "see what everyone sees, think what just a few think and to do what no one has done before."

3. SERVICE: A predisposition to meet the needs of others, with constant concern for customer satisfaction and encompassing customer orientation, know-how and the flexibility that characterize Idiso.

4. TEAM: People working together towards a common goal, as collaborators and active members of Idiso.

5. EXCELLENCE: Ability to adapt to both internal and external environments while striving every day to bring quality to a higher level, as the key to success.