Idiso & Triptease work together to impulse direct bookings

Idiso & Triptease work together to impulse direct bookings

Idiso and Triptease have signed an agreement that will make Idiso one of the first worldwide booking engines to offer its clients Price Check, a new solution that impulses hotel direct bookings. More than two thirds of travelers visit the hotel’s own website during the reservation process, but few end up making a direct booking. Price Check was born with that end in mind. This new tool allows customers booking on your own web page to compare your price with the OTA’s prices, providing complete transparency.


Therefore, you reduce your customers’ uncertainty as to whether the price on your website is the best option, you eliminate the need from them to investigate other websites, saving them time, and you offer them confidence to book through your own sales channel. If the OTA offers a lower price and the customer tries to abandon the website, a message appears offering them price parity if they book on the hotel website. In addition, the hotel can offer the customer an additional discount. Thanks to the integration between Idiso and Price Check, with the Idiso Booking Engine, hoteliers can convert more lookers into bookers and increase their direct bookings.

The results show that this technology can increase conversion rates by 35%. “We are delighted with Idiso’s commitment and with their booking engine. I believe that all of us are pleasantly surprised at how effective Price Check is in directing direct bookings to the hotel websites”, said Alexandra Zubko, Triptease Head of Business Development.



We are convinced that with our new strategic partner, Triptease, we will help our more than 3.000 customers to increase bookings through their own direct sale channel, thanks to the powerful combination of the Idiso Booking Engine and Price Check’s technology”, said Javier Silvestre, Idiso’s General Manager.