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Idiso Revenue Management System

Idiso Revenue Management System: iRMS

Are you receiving the maximum earnings from each room?

Idiso has trained hotel professionals in the best Revenue Management strategies, and the use of tools to speed up a Revenue Manager’s job, for many years now. But we saw a real need for a more complete, easy to use tool, so we set the goal of creating iRMS, Idiso’s RMS tool for hoteliers.

Our new tool manages all the needed information for your hotel in real time, helping you understand what will happen in the future and what actions to take to improve your Revenue. A winning combination thanks to our wide knowledge from a hotel business perspective and our expert Forecasting, Machine Learning and Big Data team, that is well experienced in Data Mining and artificial intelligence.

iRMS is a complete solution that will let you proactively generate alerts, perform a detailed analysis of the competition’s rates and reputation, as well as analyse budget compliance, statistic models and Forecasting techniques, and set the optimal price for each moment thanks to the optimization and simulation algorithms. All this from one place and interactive interface.

iRMS also includes an innovative, easy to use, module of Machine Learning, that helps you define your own sales strategy using all the information your system captures and generates (Forecasting, elasticity, sale tendencies, probabilities, etc.).

And of course, you can integrate Idiso iCRS with iRMS and thus transfer rates, opening/closing sales, discounts, etc. Everything you could possibly need in a unique product that meets every Revenue Manager’s requirements.