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Idiso receives the CRC Gold Award for Best Customer Service in 2011

Madrid, December 16th, 2011, Idiso, the Spanish hotel distribution company, was one of 28 companies honoured at the 2011 CRS Gold Awards in the category of Client Relacions + Call Center organized by the Association of Client Contact Center Experts (la Asociación de Expertos en Centros de Contacto con Clientes - AEECCC), in collaboration with IFAES Call Center Magazine and IZO System.

Idiso has bet its future on quality. Testimony of this is that this is the seventh consecutive year Idiso has been awarded the prestigious Gold Prize for the best Contact Center of 2011 for the Meliá Hotels International Call Center.

The CRC Gold Awards gives recognition to the Best Contact Center Customer Service, to the best Outsourcers and to the most innovative Technological Solutions in Customer Service.

As José Luis Nieto, AEECC vice president, indicates, “For the 2011 edition, more than 100 operations presented their candidacy for the awards, an increase of more than 100% as compared to the 2010 edition. This is a demonstration not only of CRC Gold Awards’ prestige within the industry, it is also an acknowledgement of the commitment to objectivity and transparency with which, from AEECCC, we conceived these awards that select the best operations, technological solutions and call centers”.

For this 2011 edition, the data speaks for itself. They audited more than 100 operations (in 2010, they audited just over 40), reviewed more than 350 documents, visited 17 cities, analyzed 3.456 control points, dedicated more than 576 hours to audits, sent 67.500 questionnaires, and interviewed 512 people with a team of 12 full-time consultants.

José Serrano, the general director for IZO España states that “For us, objectivity, methodology and precision are the keys to our work and they are even more important in the audit of these operations where clients, outsourcers and technological partners see their effort and professionalism acknowledged and they have a high impact in the market”.

Idiso confirms they will continue their strategy of offering the best management for a private, personalized call center, attended by hotel industry professionals and developed with the most modern voice and service technology.

List of Idiso awards and recognitions:
  • CRC Gold Award 2011 to the Best Customer Contact Center.
  • CRC Gold Award 2011 to the Best CRC in Retail and Customer Services Category.
  • CRC Gold Award 2010 to the Best Customer Contact Center Outsourcer in the Tourism Sector.
  • CRC Gold Award 2009 to the Best Customer Experience in the Tourism and Travel Category.
  • ECCO Award 2009 to the Best European Organization in excellent Customer Service.
  • CRC Gold Award 2008 to the Best CRC in Spain.
  • CRC Gold Award 2008 to the Best CRC in the Other Services Category.
  • AIAREC to the Best Latin American Customer Management Company 2008  in the Tourism and Service Performance.

Contact Center Awards:

  • CRC Oro 2008
  • CRC Oro 2009
  • CRC Oro 2010
  • CRC 2011 Prize
  • W3 Silver Winner Award
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  • Q of Quality in Tourism Award
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