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Idiso obtains PCI DSS Certification


idiso obtains pci dss certification

Idiso obtains PCI DSS Certification

Our hotel distribution company successfully manages to pass the audit and to be certified PCI DSS compliant.

IDISO (Tradyso, S.A.) Obtained the ROC ("Report on Compliance") and AOC ("Attest of Compliance") that distinguishes it as a PCI DSS certified company ("Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard") Idiso is now officially a company that handles and custodies adequately debit / credit data of customers who stay in hotels for which it provides reservation services. This certification has been issued by a highly specialised QSA ("Qualified Security Adviser") security auditor assigned by the PCI Council.

This represents the completion of a major Project of more than one year of intense work with major implications and changes in staff training, internal procedures and processes, communications and the Idiso systems Tradyso. Notably, in the final certification process, in addition to complying with all requirements, the auditors identified  the high awareness of all employees of Idiso in implementing best practices required by these standards.

The PCI DSS, stands for  data security standard in the credit card industry. This standard has been developed by a committee consisting of the most representative credit card companies in the world (VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, JCB and Discover Financial Services).

These companies have joined forces to ensure security in the management of information associated with card payments and prevent fraud, as such requiring all organizations that process, store and / or transmit credit card data, compliance with these standards .  Failure to comply may result in the loss of authorization for the use of debit / credit, or face stringent audits and in some instances including applying important fines.

Idiso guarantees the correct treatment of information and total privacy from credit / debit cards and card holders in its r procedures and multichannel reservation services provided to independent hotels and medium -and large hotel chains.

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