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Idiso Insights


Idiso Insights

Do you know everything that happens in your hotel? Idiso has launched Idiso Insights, the tool that gives you a global vision of your hotel

  • A system that, by processing the information generated by the hotel’s own PMS, as well as information automatically gathered from 20 external sources.
  • It offers a global view of your hotel’s situation and helps you understand what is happening. You can thus avoid endless meetings, hours of work and decision making becomes easier.
  • The system lays out all the information in a way that enables the analysis of any criteria and offers a very visual interface, allowing you to examine all the information simply, and analyse different data from the same perspective, helping you understand the relation between the data and parameters.
  • You can create your own control panels per your specific needs. 
  • It is a Cloud solution, a unique data storehouse, accessible to all organization levels, that also has a mobile app allowing users to access the information anytime, anywhere.

It unifies all your information sources so you can analyze the data from one single place. That simple, that powerful

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