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Connection, Conversion and Cost Savings: Idiso conclusions in EyeforTravel



Connection, Conversion and Cost Savings: Idiso conclusions in EyeforTravel

The 3C Distribution Strategy successfully finished in the EyeforTravel Singapore with complete capacity attendance, the presentation was given by Michael Grohs, Idiso Business Development Manager in Asia, who highlighted the three main aspects of hotel distribution: connection, conversion and cost savings.

The Eye for Travel Distribution Summit, a must for the hotel sector in Asia, was held between 28th and 29th of May in Singapore, setting where Idiso organized The 3C Distribution Strategy (Connection, Conversion and Cost saving). which emphazised the need of price similarity on the various channels, quick response through a fine meshed CRS, a response channel fully integrated with GDS, OTAs, neighborhood associations and a decrease in reservations to the PMS, ... In order to meet the global demand and convert lookers into bookers. 

3C Distribution Strategy

Michael Grohs began with a resounding statement: "As in any other industry providing products or services to consumers, hotels are faced with the question of how to distribute their range of rooms in the most efficient way. The objective is to win 'shelf space' in the wide world of hotel distribution and maintain control, increase revenue and reduce reservation distribution costs." 3C distribution strategy combines these aspects in a strikingly simple framework: Connection - Conversion - Cost savings.

These are the basic principles that hotels should consider in managing distribution, according to Grohs. "An integrated distribution system like the one provided by Idiso is exactly that: the connection to all major channels updated from a central point, a booking engine that finalizes reservations with the highest number of visitors online and a system that saves time and allows hotels to manage general distribution in order to reduce commissions and distribution costs.

Idiso Hotel Distribution

Idiso, the Spanish company pioneer in hotel distribution services, offers their platform which finalizes reservations in any hotel (urban and resort, big or small) and is accessible and effective for tour operators, travel agents online and offline or users.

Idiso are experts, with over 15 years of professional experience, providing global solutions for electronic distribution, l hotel sale and promotion through Internet. Currently working for more than 2,000 hotels in 35 countries, in 4 continents, providing a hotel distribution platform designed to connect any hotel with all the existing tourism distribution channels.

Our modern equipment and advanced technological systems allow hotel reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, both nationally and internationally. All this is possible thanks to: the use of a powerful online and mobile booking engine in 25 languages, connectivity to all travel agencies both online and offline, permanent service Call Centre staff and a wide range of services in Hotel Web Design, Online Marketing and Revenue Management, among others.

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