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Idiso is awarded a prize for the best European Contact Center


idiso awarded best european contact center

Idiso receives award for the best European Contact Center

This prize is awarded by the ECCCO (European Confederation of Contact Center Organizations) and it was awarded to Idiso in 2009.

Madrid, February 2012. Idiso has been recognized again as the best European Call Center in 2011 for services rendered to one of  their hotel clients. This year the celebration was held in Milan at the gala dinner  organized by the Italian Association of Contact Centers during the presentation of the “Premio Relazione con il cliente Cittadino”.

The objective of these European awards is to acknowledge the best customer service experience  to a larger audience facilitating an international platform for comparison and exchange of best practices.


The European Confederation of Contact Center Organizations (ECCCO) is a non profit association that promotes and helps the development of the National Associations and Organizations of Contact Centers in Europe.

Contact Center Awards:

  • CRC Oro 2008
  • CRC Oro 2009
  • CRC Oro 2010
  • CRC 2011 Prize
  • W3 Silver Winner Award


  • Q of Quality in Tourism Award
  • Web Segura by VerySign
  • E-commerce platform secured
  • Directorio de Empresas de Turismo
  • SEO certification