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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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Web design for hotels

Idiso Digital develops Web designs that match your corporate image, aimed at enhancing your online hotel image, attracting customers and simplifying booking processes.

Phase 1: Research

Continuously created and researched. Our years of experience provide us with the development and Web design trends for hotels.

Phase 2: Web Architecture

Prior to designing your hotel Web, we analyze the weaknesses of your page (if exist) and establish information architecture based on usability and navigability.

Phase 3: Design

The combination of your corporate image and our know-how in hotel Web design is the starting point of a smart web design, aimed to enhance your online image, attract customers and simplify booking processes.

Phase 4: Content Manager System

Our content management system (CMS) is at your disposal.

Phase 5: Web Maintenance

Innwise offers a complete design and communication service including the positioning and maintenance of your website in the design service.
Web Usability in hotel e-marketing

Your goals will not be achieved if Web users fail theirs, because user satisfaction is knowing how to sell. Users visit your site with very clear objectives: to find information, book a room, contact the hotel, etc., if this cannot be achieved then they leave the page and make their reservations on an easier page. It is essential to apply Web usability design in Web hotel e-marketing, meaning that web page usability is understandable, easy to use, friendly, clear, intuitive and easy to learn for the user. Idiso follows the "User Centered Design", that is, a design focused on user needs.

Web Analysis in e-marketing and hotel advertising

Know your Web users

One of the biggest advantages of e-marketing is that everything can be immediately evaluated, so it is easy to redirect and optimize strategies, such as online agency marketing and e-branding. Our customers are advised on developing hotel marketing strategies and advertising, from the continuous analysis of the Web.

Idiso Digital has the most efficient evaluation programmes on the market so as to know:
  • Visits to your website. Knowing the number of visits to the Web allows the evolution of marketing campaigns for hotels on the Internet.
  • Input sources. Knowing the ways of accessing the Web allows us to analyze the results of the different online marketing strategies.
  • Keywords. Knowing which words have been used to access the Web and therefore create accurate searches.
  • ROI Reports. Closely monitor the objective achievement under the positioning strategy.
  • Evolution Analysis of search results with regard to competitors.
  • Navigation. It is also essential to know at what moment of the visit the users decide to leave the page.
  • Visit Origins. This gives us information about the country and the region from which users have accessed the Web.
  • Keywords. Knowing which words have been used to access the Web and therefore create accurate searches
  • ROI Reports. Closely monitor the objective achievement under the positioning strategy.
And many other things that allow us, as an online marketing agency, analyze and optimize Internet hotel marketing campaigns.

We also offer a personalized Content Management for your Hotel Web

Idiso Hotel Manager is a fast and easy system to update your hotel contents. It is essential that the Web content is relevant and up-to-date so as to attract customers. The "Hotel Manager" is a fast, intuitive and easy to use content manager, allowing the hotel, through imparted training, to update their content descriptions, photos, offers and banners.

Idiso has developed a content management system following the "User Centered Design" used in its own Web site development.

Idiso "Hotel Manager" is fast, intuitive and very easy to use.
  • Allowing the hotel to directly update their descriptive content: photos, offers and    banners.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of the page can be made.
Furthermore, Idiso Digital can perform maintenance service of the Web content so as to backup all created promotions.