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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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SEO Search Engine for Hotels

Get Google, Yahoo and Bing to consider you important

The search engine SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to optimize your website to the top positions in search engines.

Our experience in web positioning in hotel search engines gives us a great knowledge of the requirements of your hotel for an optimal search engine indexing of your website.

You can choose from the following SEO services: 

Using our knowledge we work with the most developed SEO strategies required by the search engines and your customers.

SEO work requires a process to get the top positions in search engines and therefore increase visits and hotel bookings through the Web.
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SEO work requires a process to get the top positions in search engines and therefore increase visits and hotel bookings through the Web.
Factor 1: Word Choice
The foundation of a good SEO strategy is to know how your customers are looking for you. Select keywords according to their objectives, the search volume and competition of the Web, so as to get the top positions on the Internet.
Factor 2: Web Optimization
Interesting and optimized content for search engines is critical to your Web to reach top position. So we look after your Web contents bringing value to the user and search engineoptimized text with the selected keywords.
Factor 3: Long Tail Strategies
Applying segmented search strategies (long tail) is the little secret of great success. Few Keywords bring many visitors, but also a multitude of segmented terms that produce the same or more traffic than the common keywords. The long tail strategies are a good way to increase the quality viewing number to our website.
Factor 4: Link Building
For seekers to be important means that you are talked about. We accomplish that your website is important on the Internet, by issuing press releases with direct optimized links for SEOand registered on the major portals and directories specializing in tourism network.
Factor 5: SEO Reports
SEO is constant research and analysis work. So, we launch weekly reports that allow us to analyze, evaluate results and re-optimize the pages to help rank your website continuously.