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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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SEM – Online advertising for hotels and pay per click

Pay only if they visit your website

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of advertising campaigns on Internet search engines, also known as pay per click campaigns because you only pay when users click on one of your advertisements.

More than 8 years designing and managing pay per click campaigns for hotels has given us an understanding of the most appropriate strategies for getting maximum benefits from the minimum investment.

Phase 1: Campaign design
One of the advantages of SEM is its versatility. We design campaigns based on the season, promotion and sales needs.

Phase 2: Keyword purchasing
The bid for the right keywords is key to the success of any pay per click campaign on Google. We select the keywords that best meet your objectives, considering the search volume and competition.

Phase 3: Advertisement creation
We write your advertisements in accordance with the global online advertising campaign for hotels, with keywords aimed at your target and oriented toward your website.  We seek the highest quality and suitability in each advertisement.

Phase 4: ROI reports
We prepare detailed, customized weekly reports on the positions your advertisement has occupied and the conversion ratio obtained in order to improve the details of the campaign.

Phase 5: Optimization of online advertising campaigns
Constant optimization is possible with search engine advertising. We optimize your campaign based on the ratio of visits and return on investment (ROI), managing the keywords that are getting the best results.