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Idiso & Innwise: Passionate about the Future

Idiso and Innwise create the perfect symbiosis for hotel distribution of the future. We are always ahead of the game: we talk to today’s client but thinking of tomorrows needs.
01/12/2015 See new
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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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Idiso CRS

Our systems adapt to any type of hotel, any model of commercialization and distribution (hotel rooms), instead of the hotel having to modify its structure so as to be able to work with the chosen system or worry about how the channels that are connected to the reservation system (CRS) work.

idiso crs offers a wide range of functions to maintain the product guaranteeing the soundness and the parity in pricing and conditions, at the same time incorporating management tools based on Revenue Management criteria.

Main functions:

1. Complete dynamic management and flexible daily rates or BAR rates (Best Available Rate). Possibility to define more than one daily rate, for different uses: different markets / channel implementation.

2. idiso crs enables the configuration of a rate structure as complete and simple as the establishment distribution strategy or the hotel chain require, in a dynamic and flexible way without the hotel or hotel chain having to adjust to a predefined model or chose from various selected options. The complete rate management includes: discount rates, confidential rates (exclusive for special guests) negotiated rates, FIT, etc.

3. Multi-currency: Hotels can maintain prices in different currencies for their distribution on the channels; idiso booking engine is completely adapted to multi-currency sales.

4. Offer Management, an exclusive service of idiso crs to offer free second night stays (3x2, 4x3), stay discounts (BAR by LOS), discounts or free stays for extras (children free), without creating additional rates each time and deciding if applicable or not: according to rate, room, period.

5. Possibility of creating room rates and packages: as many as the hotel requires.

6. Total Management of additional dynamic services, from the conditions (guest and day, guest and stay, room and day, room and stay, check-in and check-out), prices (variable according to the day of the week) and contents (photos, description) until its automatic publication on the Web.

7. Comprehensive Booking Engine or Web with absolute content control, photos or texts required for publication, directly from idiso crs to the Web.

8. Personalized and configurable menus and accesses, according to the hotel chain or hotel definition.

9. Completely comprehensive system with interfaces dedicated to the online connection with the main distribution channels: GDS, Pegasus HCD, Chanel Managers (EZyield, HBSI, RateTiger).

10. Expert teams in IT development and Marketing online: access to all the best and new functions that are set up without any additional cost for the hotel.

Other functions:

- Agreement Management – confidential and negotiated rates, separating the updating of prices from the Business Travel Management. For prices, the system permits working with derived prices or discount prices (from BAR rates or any other type) and also with ‘flat rates’ or flat rates for periods, completely manageable from the hotel. Once the rates are defined and the prices updated (by the hotel, the Reservation team or the Revenue team), they are applied and commercially managed on the channels assigned, enabling the assignation of exclusive prices to a specific account or a common price for several accounts all having the same discount, for example, indicating the agreement validity period for each account independently and therefore being able to eliminate the contract validity immediately, without intermediaries or waiting time. The system can also establish black out dates for individual accounts, regardless of the rate applied in the agreement or if the price is shared with others.

- Centralized management and multi-level availability and quotas that will manage the hotel product distribution through various channels connected to CRS, with different structures and hierarchies defining and deciding for the hotel: there are no predefined formats from which the hotel must choose or adapt. The hotel feeds this information into a single point: idiso crs, where it is distributed or responds to other channels connected to CRS (GDS, IDS, OTA, Channel Managers, etc).

- Sold Out Quota Alarm: Warning by e-mail when the last available room at a set price has been booked. This notice is compatible with the automatic update, setting a quota from another: once the quota is sold out and the message generated, the system will reload with the% that the Hotel has established

- Selling Rules Management (minimum nights, CTA-Closed to Arrival, ABR-Advance booking Requirements, etc..) multi-level Guarantee and Cancellation Policies for hotel or rate and management, defining business corporative rules vs. hotel, for one or more rates, one or more hotels, for room category for one or more agencies and / or companies, for reservations where there is agency / company, etc.., and the possibility of establishing 5 periods of cancellation for a single standard.

Idiso constantly improves systems and develops new features for each of its products, the latest industry trends, market requirements, customers needs, the expertise of our professional staff and continuous analysis of the hotel industry; updates that ensure technology remains cutting edge with the pass of time.
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  • You choose how much you want to sell, the channels used and the price, thereby increasing sales and reducing distribution costs.
  • A centralized place where you can manage the price availability and sales conditions for your website, GDS & IDS, online and offline travel agencies and your Call Center.
  • A wide range of functions for product (hotel room) maintenance guarantees consistency and price and condition rates equality, while at the same time incorporating management tools based on Revenue Management criteria.
  • Management of daily BAR (Best Available Rate) in two different formats, so you can choose the one that best adapts to your hotel management model: BAR by up-selling or BAR by room. Option of working with more than one daily rate, to break down the price model depending on the product.
  • Simple updating of special offers, promotions, confidential and exclusive rates for agencies and companies, with individual descriptions and conditions.
  • Management of agreements and negotiated rates: Control over your negotiated and confidential rates for sale, online modifications of applicable rates and contract periods, and implementation of separate blackout dates per account.
  • Centralized inventory management, availability and quotas, with different hierarchies to be defined by the hotel.
  • Alarm for quotas reached: An e-mail notice is sent when the last available room within a specific quota is sold. Compatible with automatic feed.
  • Automatic application of the correct price and availability, per type of person (adult/child) and number (first child free), meal plan (different price for accommodations with or without breakfast), rate and period, to be defined individually by each hotel.
  • Dynamic packaging: Offering complementary hotel services in general or per rate and room type.
  • Derived rates: Percentage or quantity discounts or increases applied to a basic rate (the BAR or any other) to automatically create another rate, with the option of defining block-outs in order not to apply discounts to certain services and a minimum price limit in order not to sell for less than a certain amount.
  • Possibility of defining multiple cancellation policies.
  • We have the solution for your hotel: Different set-ups and definitions of rates, packages and promotions depending on the type of segment/customer, hotel distribution conditions, etc.
  • Training and support from a specialized, multilingual team with broad experience in diverse fields of the hotel sector.
  • Robust, stable systems with powerful processing to offer rapid response times and guarantee data protection.
  • Frequent software upgrades of the system based on the latest market trends, ongoing analysis by our key user team, customer needs and the opinion of the community of users, customers and sector experts. These upgrades ensure that the technology remains cutting edge over time.
  • Oneway interfaces with SiHot PMS, Opera PMS and Navihotel PMS, which make it possible to download bookings from the Idiso CRS to the hotel PMS
  • A system created by hoteliers for hoteliers.