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Paradores de Turismo improves their booking management thanks to Idiso

Paradores ensures that it will be able to manage its room inventory efficiently in a global setting with incessant technological changes.
01/12/2015 See new

Luis del Olmo, Idiso President, talks about global distribution

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products
01/08/2015 See new
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Idiso & Innwise: Passionate about the Future

Idiso and Innwise create the perfect symbiosis for hotel distribution of the future. We are always ahead of the game: we talk to today’s client but thinking of tomorrows needs.
01/12/2015 See new
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hospitality industry hotels services

Distribution System for Hotels

Your Hotel accessible from anywhere in the World

A good distribution system for hotels is the key to sales, so our hospitality hotel services are aimed at ensuring the maximum visibility and presence for hotels in all sales channels.


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