Digital creativity: make your hotel brand a brand with promise

Digital creativity: make your hotel brand a brand with promise

Discussing advertising creativity in the digital world can present a complex dilemma, many advertising and digital marketing agencies offer this as just another service, without realising the massive impact it has on brands that want to strengthen their commercial communication strategy.

One of the great advantages online marketing offers is versatility in multichannel communication, helping each client obtain their market objectives. While it is very important to have a marketing strategy, it is even more important to pay special attention to advertising execution, as this is what the client sees in the end and what moves them to purchase the company’s product. Brands that don’t want to just live in the present but want to look further ahead, must maintain an excellent creative standard, and consider brand building to be a powerful tool that will help their product last and evolve in line with the market around it.

ROI is a very important variable for CMOs because operational growth depends upon it. This statistical and financial variable is well established within commercial KPIs. However, how can we open the way in a new market or conquer a new target? Or, how can a brand earn more when all its strategies are based on achieving a good return, forgetting their image?

Launching a product on the market implies that all those watching are expectant to see if there is anything new. We are talking about a demanding market that has seen it all. In digital publicity terms the impact generated on the consumer loses value if our possible shopper ignores our adverts, leading to sales freezing or diminishing. The points that lead to an increase or decrease in sales clearly involve many factors, but the simple fact of not innovating in commercial creativity largely increases the probability of not reaching our brand’s objectives.

It is not easy to attract brands that are afraid to be innovative, nor is it easy to sell a service in which the value of an idea is not quantifiable, but the need for our product to stand out from the rest is a very tangible reality.

On top of this, hitting on a good, complete digital campaign revolves around the management of agent/client pairing: finding a balance in which both parties work together to achieve the objectives is of vital importance. Remembering that the client knows the product best, we need to learn from them everything that is needed so the agency can add their expertise and create a successful digital campaign. To become a powerful partnership, digital marketing and advertising need to be more creative. Increasingly today’s hoteliers understand the need to have a solid digital marketing strategy to follow their goals, as well as a Creative Commercial Communication to reach these goals.

When we talk about creativity, we don’t just want to set up a specific, creative, team, rather we want to make creativity the common thread through all the agency’s teams. Just waiting for inspiration to come is a waste of time: you need to constantly work at it to find results, because at the end of the day, results are what push us in this commercial environment.

We have an excellent creative team at Idiso, integrated into Idiso Digital, our new business area. Together with our other departments, this team’s fundamental purpose is to offer a complete service, which we use to optimise and improve our client’s online advertising and at the same time provide great added value; in this case, digital creativity.