Contact Center: Outbound campaigns. Revenue Generating Tools

Contact Center: Outbound campaigns. Revenue Generating Tools

Most of us relate a hotel’s Contact Centre to the department in charge of answering calls for bookings and information requests, with the phone and email being the main communication tools in the daily running of this department. We could assume, correctly, that Contact Centre agents are trained in selling, optimising the reservation processes to a maximum to increase the Conversion Rate (Calls answered/Bookings made).

Idiso is always keen to use new development formulas, working together with the hotel chains’ main objectives, and has thus put together a team of booking agents dedicated to outbound campaigns. The agent’s profiles adapt more to cold calling and constant active listening, as these agents will contact the clients and not the other way around.

But, What are outbound Campaigns? 

Outbound campaigns are those made by booking agents aimed directly at the final client, or potential clients, with different objectives:

  • Sales back up: Campaigns focused on closing pending sales. Operations are agile and the agent’s product training is of the highest quality.
  • Loyalty programs: the aim is to engage with the final or potential client. On the other hand, it is a good tool to consolidate the hotel’s brand. Retail sectors are the most conducive for this kind of campaign.
  • Generating leads: Probably the most common campaigns. The more optimised the data base is the more effective these are. They are star campaigns for mobile telephone companies.
  • Satisfaction surveys: high value campaigns that provide clients with an increased trust in the brand.

What kind of Campaigns are Outbound? 

  • Pre-stay Campaigns: These campaigns are very effective to reduce the percentage of cancellations or no shows. During the call the agent confirms the booking with the client and makes sure they have no questions about the reservation (access, pending requests, etc.).
  • Anti-cancellation campaigns: After filtering the data base by hotel and cancellation costs (for example, cancelled bookings costing over €1000) and cleaning up the data base, the agents contact clients to assess the motive for their cancellation, offering them added value or a discount to prevent the cancellation.
  • Database clean-up campaigns: How many times have we heard our marketing teams say how badly optimised our client data base is? Incorrect email addresses, blank fields, incoherent nationalities, etc. A good outbound campaign team should be prepared to optimise these data bases, collecting the client information correctly and therefore achieving a better sales conversion rate.
  • Satisfaction surveys: Normally PMS hoteliers send impersonal surveys by email, with most of these remaining unopened. On the other hand, a telephone survey allows a higher quality evaluation where questions can be made according to the needs of the hotel at any given moment (for example, satisfaction with a specific service) With the correct data base it is possible to know what room the client stayed in and ask them directly how the stay in that room went.

During 2016 Idiso’s Contact Center received over 1,8 million calls and managed 320.000 bookings, generating sales of more than 150 million euros. We are the only exclusive Contact Centre for hotels in Spain (we are not interested in any other services). More than 300 professionals make up the department and we offer multilingual service in 7 languages 24 hours 365 days a year.

Here at Idiso we are so much more than technological providers; our mission is to add value to our clients, maximising their income thanks to our 360º marketing and distribution solutions, among these the powerful voice channel.