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Case study: how to lower the cost of your SEM campaign by 34%



Case study: how to lower the cost of your SEM campaign by 34%

Here at Innwise, we would like to show you an example of how it is possible to achieve this without losing one bit of visibility in the search engines and at the same time lowering the cost. The technique that we have applied which combines these features, is called Copyright Restriction.


Our client is a modern Spanish hotel Company that offers new four and five star hotels that all have their own personality. Their marketing professionals were proactive and showed a keen interest in digital marketing, particularly paid advertising strategies.


Our client wanted to obtain exceptional visibility for their adverts, but at the same time keep the PPC under control. They were also interested in fixing the KPI (key performance indicator) of their PPC campaigns, including keeping the purchase price (CPA) under €15, without losing any opportunities to reach important objectives such as a good number of monthly sales and a good return on investment (ROI).

As a digital marketing agency, Innwise has a great commitment in offering hotels the best tools for increasing their income, thanks to direct sales through the hotel’s website. Therefore, we have decided to implement an alternative method to boost our client’s prominence over that of the competition, while at the same time, lowering the cost and not losing the top place in the main search engines.


Here at Innwise we decided to implement a solution to show adverts in the search results and at the same time to protect our clients direct reservation channel. We presented a petition to Google requesting them to restrict the use of certain keywords (Copyright restriction) only to this hotel and none of the competition. This way, Google knows that some keywords belong to this establishment (Brand keywords). Therefore, our client has priority when promoting themselves in the search engine.


Regarding the Brand keywords, a considerable decline took place in the CPC after applying the copyright. The account started to register benefits from the moment this measure was applied at the end of September 2013. Data shows that, while the website received the same amount of traffic during the 4th quarter of 2013, the account had an average cost that was 0, 13 euros lower in regards to the 3rd quarter of 2013. This implies a 34% saving in the CPC.

We also see improvement in the search results. They are now facing a less competitive scene. Therefore, the number of visits to the website and the click through amount also increases. The new configuration of the competition registered a CTR that was 15% higher in the 4th quarter than in the previous one.


All these performance improvements made our client stand out in the search results and made the Brand keywords become a more profitable and efficient advertising tool.

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