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Bart Leopold, Director of Business Development LATAM Idiso



Bart Leopold, Director of Business Development LATAM Idiso: "The hotel challenges in Latin America must be present in all channels where the demand is"

Due to the Latin American population reaching a higher purchasing power their tourism is now growing. However, the hotel industry, independent hotels and small chains, is more immature than in the United States and Europe, and so should start investing in technology. For this reason Idiso is offering their hotel distribution services.

The hotel challenges in Latin America must be present in all channels where the demand is: online travel agencies, GDSs and at the same time offer their product on the direct channel, visible on the hotel website and accessible on mobile devices. The second challenge is to offer more complex trading strategies than before: discounts, offers, additional service packs, all with different payment methods.

At the same time complementing the hotel distribution online marketing strategy by giving visibility to the brand image, this being the key to face these challenges. From Innwise, these services provide complete online marketing to promote the direct channel.

Hotels in Latin America need a very flexible and comprehensive service to deal with these challenges. Idiso provides these services at different costs. Idiso serves more than 100 hotels in: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Mexico ...

The most demanded products and services are the booking engine and GDS. However, the hotels request more and more connectivity with online travel agencies and our services Idiso call centre. Idiso is the perfect technological partner for a hotelier who wants to invest in the latest technology and so provide better customer service and differentiate their own product.

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