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Idiso & Innwise: Passionate about the Future

Idiso and Innwise create the perfect symbiosis for hotel distribution of the future. We are always ahead of the game: we talk to today’s client but thinking of tomorrows needs.
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Innwise offers a variety of sessions oriented to different audiences. We perform onsite courses for directors as well as onsite courses for middle managers and operational positions. Both programs cover revenue management contents and concepts, tactics and strategies, forecasting, pricing strategy, etc. These courses are oriented to large hotel chains.

In addition, we offer online/semi-presential course for independent and smaller hotels that cannot access the onsite courses previously described. The online sessions are given together with one of the most prestigious Tourism Schools in Spain.

These courses are complemented with workshops and seminars about revenue management.

All Revenue Management courses included the use of the Hotel Simulator.

  • Training course for hotel directors
  • Training course for middle managers
  • Semi-presential open course imparted together with the Spanish Center of New Professions
  • Workshops