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In Senegal Idiso introduces its online distribution and Direct Chanel for the African hotels.



In Senegal Idiso introduces its online distribution and Direct Chanel for the African hotels.

At the end of May Idiso held a seminar in Dakar and Saly, Senegal, together with the collaboration of its new alliance in the country: Daluway distribution network, titled "The Challenges of Online Distribution and Direct Channel for African hotels", The objective of the presentation was to explain the electronic hotel distribution and direct channel technology opportunities to the Dakar hoteliers. 

Africa is one of the world's fastest growing tourist regions. Between 2000 and 2012, international tourist arrivals more than doubled (from 26 million to 52 million), according to the World Tourism Barometer WTO World Tourism Organization, and for 2030 WTO forecasts that the number will reach 134 million. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that Javier Silvestre, Idiso General Director introduced the Idiso Seminar in Senegal by saying: "Africa is the origin of mankind. Idiso is commited to this continent because it also represents the future of the industry. Our presence in this seminar is to support initiatives in the area of our hotel distribution partner Daluway and bring the latest Idiso technology to hotels in Senegal, in a commitment to help boost the unstoppable African tourism growth.

" The seminar covered two completely different areas, beginning with a statement on the how and why of Idiso electronic distribution processes and a second part, after a short coffee break, explaining the benefits of relying on the Idiso Direct Channel. Taking into account the new distribution models, the social network evolution and the impact of the new revolution: the mobile revolution. The Idiso booking engine was also explained and participants were able to solve any doubts and give their personal views and concerns regarding the future of the sector.

Sara De Urrutia, Idiso Business Development EMEA Director, led the seminar and exposed during three hours to the Senegal hoteliers present examples of the changing world in electronic distribution and the impact that new technologies have created for hoteliers around the world who have had to face up to the rapid business model evolution challenges and the change in behavior of the new type of tourist.

"We must understand the market complexity, the parties and their relationships, coherent and dynamic price management and availability on multiple channels with the right technology is the key to access the new hotel distribution world," explained De Urrutia.

Daluway also explained: "nowadays online business strategies based on the Web are essential in the hotel sector, in addition to marketing issues, the information technology (ICT) is a source of new services and therefore a source of new revenue.

" During their stay in Senegal, Javier Silvestre and Sara de Urrutia, had the opportunity to meet Birane Miang, General Secretary of Tourism at the Ministry in Senegal. During their meeting, the ministerial representative thanked Idiso for supporting the Senegalese hotel industry and for imparting their knowledge to hoteliers during their seminar counting on the collaboration of their partnership with the national company Daluway and unifying efforts in their hotel distribution tasks. During the visit Miang reflected this collaboration: "We are willing to help Idiso and promote Idiso's hotel distribution initiative in our country.

" With nearly a dozen hotel brands relying on Idiso technology in the Africa continent, including hotel chains such as the Moroccan Atlas Hospitality with its 19 hotels or the Zalagh Hotels Morocco with a total of 6 hotels, as well as distributors such as Daluway or Alboroo (with over 60 hotels), Idiso continues to expand in Africa with its technology intergrated in Morocco and on the Ivory Coast apart from Senegal.

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