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Outsourcing Revenue Management

Outsourcing Revenue Management


At Innwise, we provide outsourcing revenue management services for hoteliers.

Outsourcing is subdivided into:

  • Parity Monitoring Service
  • Channel Management Service
  • Complete Revenue Service
  • Basic Revenue Service

 What is included in the Parity Monitoring Service?

The Innwise Parity Monitoring Service includes segmentation, detection and correction of price disparities by channel and dates.

If necessary, we make test bookings to determine the source of the disparity. In addition, we send a daily disparity report and follow-up on each disparity until it has been corrected.

What is included in the Channel Management Service?

This is an on-request service designed to manage and execute channel manager requests that are necessary for daily hotel operations.

Actions: open and close channels, update rates, bulk loading, mapping, etc. We recommend a sound rate structure and an optimal mix of channels and we execute a strategy that has been adjusted to the hotel’s needs.

What is the Basic Revenue Service?

Consulting and reporting for revenue management strategy. Analysis, accompaniment, and the elaboration of a strategy adapted to the hotel. Idiso offers a diagnostic of the strategy and the hotel is responsible for execution.

  • Analyze the Current Situation
  • Setup and personalize service
  • Define the Revenue Management Strategy
  • Assessment and Reporting
  • Daily Reports
  • Monthly Reports

What is included in the Complete Revenue Service?

This services is the union of all the previous services: Parity Control + Channel Management + Strategic Reporting.

In addition, competitors are monitored and monthly reports, adapted to the hotel’s needs, are elaborated. We propose the most appropriate actions and execute them.

  • Analyze the Current Situation
  • Setup and personalize service
  • Define the Revenue Management Strategy
  • Complete Management
  • Channel Management – Parity Monitoring –Analysis and Compset Management
  • Reporting
  • Revise the strategy