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Idiso first Hotel Distribution services company awarded the Q of Quality in Tourism in Spain

Idiso first Hotel Distribution services company awarded the Q of Quality in Tourism in Spain

Idiso awarded the "Q" of Quality in Tourism in Spain.

IDISO, the most recognized hotel distribution services company in Spain, for hotels and hotel chains, becomes the first company of its kind that has been awarded a quality certification, as such, confirming the operational excellence that it provides to its customers.

One of the primary strategies of IDISO is to strive towards operational excellence and further evidence of this had been officially confirmed on the 2nd of December 2011 when they received the "Q" of Quality in Tourism in recognition of the work done by IDISO in order to promote relationships with their clients and to improve its internal processes.

This award issued by the ICTE (Institute for Quality in Spanish Tourism), confirms the quality, safety and professionalism that IDISO offers its customers, taking a step forward in the commitment that the company has towards quality.

The Mark "Q" of Quality in Tourism is issued by ICTE, a private, independent, nonprofit organization whose members are major entities in the tourism industry in Spain: the General Secretary of Tourism, the Autonomous Communities, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Their role is to certify those touristic organizations that are committed to maintain and comply with the highest level of quality standards.

On the other hand, this award will serve positively to differentiate IDISO from all competitors with similar characteristics. IDISO is   the first company in Hotel Distribution Services with this distinction, awarded uniquely to companies that exceed the highest levels of quality. IDISO ensures, therefore, that all customer expectations are met and also provides confidence when selecting a company to distribute its product.

Furthermore, it is a long-term commitment that relies heavily on customer feedback, as it is the customer, through their contributions, that help in the continuous improvement of IDISO.
The quality of IDISO is also evaluated annually through external auditors, ensuring compliance with the quality requirements defined by the management.

Therefore, the benefits resulting of the "Q" of Quality in Tourism to IDISO are the following:
  • Prestige because it demonstrates the corporate commitment to achieve customer satisfaction by offering excellent service.
  • Differentiation because it is the first in tits field to have this recognition which only accessible to those companies or organizations guaranteeing minimum levels of service.
  • Reliability because the mechanisms used to assess compliance with the requirements are independent from the hotel sector as they are designed according to inter-sector regulations.
  • Rigorous because in order to obtain the certification, it is essential to provide objective evidence meeting the Regulations and Standards.

Carlos Dominguez, Director of Quality IDISO, indicates that the benefits the system provides to its customers are the following:
  • Greater proximity to customers and their needs through procedures to ensure all departments guarantee that the needs of its customers are met, whether they are new requirements, complaints or suggestions.
  • Greater profitability through a system of continuous improvement and constant analyzing of the internal processes that result in improving the profitability for our clients.
  • Guaranteed compliance with levels of service through continuous service audits and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Active customer involvement through continuous improvement and product development (dealing with complaints and suggestions and survey systems).
  • Greater confidence in the professionalism of staff through continuous internal training in client orientation of our employees and the establishment of key operating procedures related to customer service.
  • Increased confidence in the selection a service provider in hotel distribution through annual external audits to determine whether we remain worthy of the “Q” award for complying with the latest regulations.

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