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Idiso & Innwise: Passionate about the Future

Idiso and Innwise create the perfect symbiosis for hotel distribution of the future. We are always ahead of the game: we talk to today’s client but thinking of tomorrows needs.
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Call Center Awards

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The Meliá Hotels’ International Contact Centre, managed by Idiso, wins GOLD yet again

For yet another year, the Meliá Hotels’ International Call Centre, managed by Idiso has received the CRC Gold award for 2014 in the tourist sector.
13/10/2014 See new
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Idiso Contact Center

We are proud of our Contact Centre and it is a pleasure to be able to offer such a valuable service that so few can provide.
Idiso Contact Center specializes in hotel service and its main activity is hotel reservations.

Idiso Contact Center is based on 3 elements:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Hotel Know How

Our Contact Center is our own personal centre, comprising of the latest technology, a team of 200 people specializing in hotel sale and hospitality knowledge, a reflection of our identification.

Idiso Contact Center services are aimed at adding value to your hotel, our philosophy is to be a separate channel from our customer working as part of its sales force and helping to  achieve their goals. In addition, our mission is to gain experience providing excellent customer service resulting in the end as an important contribution to improving your brand image and loyalty. When a customer is satisfied with the service knowing they can count on a team 24, x 7 they will be a confident customer and even make reservations on the Web.

Idiso is aware of the international market importance and, therefore, from our Madrid centre, we provide Contact Center service to customers in different locations all over the world, from Asia to America. We offer the possibilty to include your establishments in the hotel portfolio so as enabling sales through a private line,  attending individual local calls and international agencies interested in booking accommodation in Spain.

Idiso possesses the technology, the people and the knowledge, but also the recognition. Melía Hotels International Contact Center, managed by Idiso has received for the eigth year the CRC Gold Award for best CRC Tourism, based on the INS (Satisfaction Index) obtained from final customer surveys. The 2014 AEERC's Excellence Awards  were held on the 8th of October in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.

Idiso Contact Center awards:

  • Platinum Contact Center Awards 2015 to the best IT Solución IT in Turismo 2015.
  • CRC Gold Award 2014 for the Best Contact Center in Tourism 2014.
  • CRC Gold Award 2013 for the Best Customer Contact Center in the Tourism and Travel Category.
  • CRC Gold Award 2013 for special price to the quickest Contact Center. 
  • CRC Gold Award 2011 for the Best Customer Contact Center in the Tourism and Travel Category.
  • CRC Gold Award 2010 for the Best Customer Contact Center Outsourcers 2010 in Tourism Category.
  • CRC Gold Award 2009 for the Best Customer Experience in the Tourism and Travel Category.
  • CRC Gold Award 2009 tor the Best Call Center.
  • ECCCO AWARD 2009, for Excellence in Contact Center Organizations.
  • CRC Gold Award 2008 for the Best Customer Contact Center.
  • As Aiarec Summit, for the Best Customer Management Company 2008.

5 Reasons to choose Idiso Contact Center:

1. We are specialists in hotel reservation service. Our reservation agents are highly specialized in the hotel and tourism world.

2. Variable costs, we only work under the formula to success Win to Win.

3. Maximum Quality of Service level, we have been awarded as the best contact center Spain and Latin America in the category of tourism, and have been recognized by the European contact centre industry.

4. High-level technological Contact Center with important investment in technology. There can be the latest generation contact centre without any investment.

5. 24 x 7 Service, takes advantage of sales opportunities after business hours.

We have many more reasons! 7 language service (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian), up-selling strategy to increase average prices.

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  • Requests by telephone, fax and e-mail are answered personally by booking agents specialized in identifying up-selling opportunities.
  • Extensive training in sales and customer assistance guarantees excellent service performance and improves revenues per reservation.
  • Management of the customized private line 24x7x365 in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German, as if your customers were speaking to the hotel directly.  
  • Toll-free lines and universal international numbers available for the primary countries.  
  • A seamless interface with Idiso CRS guarantees that customers have the most up-to-date available information on the hotel, its rates and availability.
  • Excellent response time and call conversion are guaranteed, thanks to a sophisticated ACD system (Automatic Call Distribution).
  • Immediate booking confirmation with the corresponding confirmation number and a confirmation e-mail is sent, which can be customized with marketing messages.